The Nire Valley Walking Festival based in the heart of the Comeragh Mountains, Waterford, Ireland.

A Twister in the Comeraghs.

Yes a twister! a real bona fide tornado. On Sunday 8th May sitting having lunch at Coum Locha, it was blustery but we were comfortable surrounded by heather. Then out of nowhere there seemed to be a splash in the lake except instead of being in the one place the "splash" raced across the lake surface as if someone was pulling an invisible stick through the water. It was a tiny tornado. Unusual you may think but the locals have a name for it, a Shee Gaoithe or a ghost wind. A Shee Gaoithe is more commonly seen in summer as it lifts wisps of hay into to the air on an August evening. We we are not in Kansas now Dorthea, but the twisters do happen in the Nire also. 

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Comeragh Bogtrot 2016

The Comeragh Bogtrot takes place on Saturday 26th March.
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Nire Valley Walking Festival 2018

The Nire Valley Autumn Walking Festival Co. Waterford,from October 12th-14th 2018 more
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 Nire Valley Drop.

Nire Valley Drop Sunday 30th October 2016 .

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Nire Valley Walking Festival
Superb Walking, Great Talking & Traditional Nire Valley Hospitality

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